Moonstone Beach

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Quite possibly one of the loveliest and most unique beaches you can visit. Instead of sand, this shore is strewn with smooth pebbles (some of them moonstones, of course) and people claim its sunsets rival that of the Hawaiian Islands. Better still, it’s rarely crowded. Can’t beat that with a stick (or stone).

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Instead of sand you see all these beautiful stones.... simply beautiful
Moonstone Beach
Pebble beach
It was super cloudy when we went but still really fun.
Drive to the parking area the furthest north. Then walk up to the wooden figures. Basically, all the way right to left to get the most out of your time here.
Overlooking the beach
That’s so amazing 😻
such a pretty beach!!
Not that many big rocks.. But awesome views
7/22/23 It’s hard to walk barefoot on the rocks 😖 wear water shoes