Morro Bay Maritime Museum

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In the early 1990s the late Brent Roberts' persuaded a group of like-minded persons to preserve maritime history with the Morro Bay Maritime Museum. The preservationists called themselves the Central Coast Maritime Museum Association (CCMMA) and in 1995 the group was incorporated as a public-benefit, non-profit entity. CCMMA also endorsed other activities such as the Morro Bay Harbor Festivals and the promotion of assorted tall ships such as the Hawaiian Chieftain, Lady Washington, the replica of the caravel La Nina and the Australian HMS Endeavour replica. CCMMA now does business as the Morro Bay Maritime Museum and has established itself as a positive force contributing to Morro Bay's economy and maritime village sense-of-place. You'll find the historic tug (Alma), learn about an event that brought WWII to our shores, and walk around the DSRV Avalon, one of only two cold-war era rescue submarines developed by the U.S. Navy and featured in the 1990 film "Hunt for Red October" and the 2018 film "Hunter Killer."

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June 13, 2022