Napa Valley Railway Inn

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The Napa Valley Railway Inn, located on the original tracks of the Napa Valley Railroad Company in Yountville, offers a nostalgic journey into the 1800s. The hotel comprises eight railcars, each with its own history of traversing various western rail lines. The Napa Valley Railroad, reaching Yountville in 1868, was later acquired by the California Pacific Railroad Company in 1869. The first brick railroad station, now the site of Coqueta restaurant, was constructed nearby. The railcars, resting on the original tracks since 1981, include cabooses, ice box cars, and a cattle transport car, each with a unique past. Despite their historical roots, the railcars have been modernized to provide comfortable accommodations for today's travelers, inviting guests to unwind in the heart of Yountville and experience the charm of the Napa Valley region.