Old Fisherman's Wharf

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It was an integral part of the fishing industry in the 1960s but as fishing in the area dwindled down it instead became a historic place for tourists to visit, shop, and eat. Whale-watching and observing marine life are the favorite activities on the wharf but you can also opt to pay for a glass-bottom boat cruise. On the pier you can get fresh fudge, clam chowder in sourdough bread bowls, or buy fish at the Grotto/Kokomo's. There are plenty of shops selling souvenirs, gifts, and pearls. See the Monterey Wharf website for more details. 

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July 2020 - SRR
July 2020 - SRR
Sunset!! ☀️
Blanco checking to see if pets are allowed on Fisherman’s Wharf (they are).