Old Greenspot Bridge

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The Greenspot bridge was constructed with steel made in an Illinois plant and originally spanned the Mojave River in Victorville. It was then moved to its current location in 1933. Before the bridge the only way to cross the Santa Ana River in this area was the riverbed which was hopefully dry. This bridge facilitated commerce especially for citrus truck drivers. Today, it's a popular spot for hikers, joggers, and bicyclists who enjoy the gorgeous mountain views. (Submitted by Beatriz Contreras - Photo by Gina Carlos: Just two lil’ dudes talking about big things on the old Greenspot Bridge)

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Night view 02/21/2021
gates were closed at the road so we parked and walked down to the bridge.
don’t leave anything nice looking in your car. our lesson was learned. we lost two backpacks, one of which had camera gear in it.