Palace of Fine Arts

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Designed by Bernard Maybeck, this Greco-Roman-inspired theater was intentionally made to look like classical ruins. He also intended that the structure, after its 1915 showing, would fall into stately disrepair. And so it did until 1959 when it was restored. Now in full use as a theater events are listed on the website. (Submitted by Re)

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Stunning spot to relax or stroll. Stunning vignettes for photography backdrops. The doors (galore) are beautiful!
Beautiful night from The Palace of Fine Arts
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When a 🌳becomes a🪑
Being with you is my breathtaking with kiethe
Such a beautiful place! 😍 ig:
It was so windy! 😆❤️ ig:
Beautiful place to have breakfast.
Palace of the Fine Arts
I love this place frfr 🤍(I cover my face cause my eyes was looking another way)😂
Beautiful place!