Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

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Brace yourself as you and about 80 strangers step into the world’s largest rotating aerial tramcars. The tram’s engineering was once considered futuretek, so much so that the tram was once featured on TV’s “Mission Impossible.” You’ll be treated to brilliant views of Coachella and a steep drop in temperature as you climb 8,000 feet up sheer cliffs. Wrap up the experience by heading to the cocktail lounge for some mellow when you reach the top.

Member Photos

Great views ... you should go in the winter has snow and you can go sledding!
Beer at the top
The view from almost the top!
Palm Springs train during December
Tram takes you to mt San jacinto
Notch point
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Celebrating our 16th Wedding Anniversary Herrera Family 2022