Potato Chip Rock

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This flimsy looking precipice is not for the faint of heart nor for the out of shape. Even though you're in for a treat with beautiful scenery during the hike, this isn't the most secluded destination. When you get to the actual ledge, you may be disappointed to find that a dozen or more people are in line in front of you to take their photos. In spite of all the negatives, you'll produce a pretty memorable photo for Facebook!

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It was awesome ❤️
7.2 round trip. Uphill but very well worth hike with beautiful view points.❤️❤️❤️
Way too crowded for a pic...
The hike wasn’t super difficult, and there wasn’t a long line for pictures when we went!
❤️ Potato Chip rock
My adventure to potato chip rock
beautiful views!
Couldn’t feel any better after a long walk up into the peak of the potato chip
Forever young & Free 🦋