San Martin Rock

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San Martin Rock in Monterey County is situated near Willow Creek Picnic Ground. You'll experience a beautiful beach with unique rock formations. The beach isn't large, but it's worth walking down to see the little cove. For movie buffs, this is where "From Here to Eternity" was filmed. Willow Creek Vista Point is located immediately south of the bridge over Willow Creek on the west side of Highway 1. With a breathtaking view of the rocky, sparkling coast, a small parking area is a perfect spot to pull over, take a break, and enjoy the view. Cape San Martin and San Martin Rock are visible to the south. The beach is inaccessible at high tide which means that if you're on the beach at high tide, it will be challenging, if not impossible, to get back to the parking area. The road to the beach isn't easy to find as it's hidden well from the main road and located on Sycamore Canyon Road, two miles off Highway One (Cabrillo Highway). The turn-off is easy to miss. As you head south, watch for Big Sur Station on the left. The entrance to the beach is a very sharp right turn onto Sycamore Canyon Road which is 2.6 miles past Big Sur Station. Follow Sycamore Canyon for 2 miles to the beach parking lot. Parking is $10 for the whole day.

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