Smilin' Jack

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A tradition that started in 1955 continues well into the start of the 21st century. The unintended consequence of a paint job more than 60 years ago led the rotund oil tank to look like a gigantic pumpkin. So, the staff who operated the facility that was owned at that time by Union Oil decided to create the world's biggest Jack-o-lantern. Every year, the refinery, now owned by Phillips 66, illuminates the giant barrel on October 30 and 31 to make it a true lantern. 2020 will be no different except that Jack will be wearing a mask. Visitors are invited to drive through and get sweet treats with the caveat that they wear masks just like Jack. To get there take the 110 to W Anaheim and go west. Make a left on Rd. 10, a right on H St., and a left on Rd. 12. Smilin' Jack will be on your immediate right.

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