Spruce St Suspension Bridge

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A long, slender footbridge crosses the Sessions Canyon in San Diego. Surrounded by year-round green foliage, this suspended walkway rises 70 feet above the shallow depression. This bridge isn't for those with trepidation of heights - a gusty wind can make it sway side to side.

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Hey look! A bridge.
Suspension Bridge
SD ❤️ Sunday FunDay Mar 31,19
Sunday Funday 💕Mar 31,19
July 2019
Lots of people lol
Spruce street suspension bridge
The fear in my face 😂
Beautiful Bridge!!
anchor points
Fantastic bridge!! Great to challenge a fear of heights!
Cool hidden bridge
The whole experience is literally 3 minutes. Great photo spot tho!
I do not believe I’ve ever seen such a huge eucalyptus tree incredibly beautiful