SS Monte Carlo Shipwreck

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This concrete lady started out with honorable intentions - a sturdy oil tanker that navigated the Pacific in the 1920s. At her christening she was called SS McKittrick but in 1932 was sold to another outfit. She lived out the rest of her days as SS Monte Carlo before being grounded in 1937. During Prohibition she sailed international waters and was a haven for gambling, drinking, and prostitution. After an intense storm she barely made it back to shore and was never claimed because of the illegal onboard activities. She's remained here ever since. If you want to see her remains, be sure to go at low tide. For treasure divers there is much speculation that she holds a wealth of silver and gold coins. (Photo by Otilia Baker)

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I couldnt really see much of the shipwreck because it is in a navy base beach and you couldnt go through there.
High tide... (sad face)
Low tide is a must, there is no mast, but legend has it there is still gold unaccounted for.