Sutro Baths Cave

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In 1894, Adolph Sutro harnessed the beauty of the rocky California seascape to build his spa and baths. This business venture was beset by catastrophes and failures. The Great Depression would finally be the death of this once-palatial vacation spot. If a business failure weren't enough, the property was destroyed by a fire. The remnants that survived the fire are the only vestiges of the baths. Even at the pinnacle of its success the bathhouse always maintained a mysterious and slightly sinister atmosphere. This is most detectable within the tunnels, whre strange sounds, half-eaten carcasses, and weird claw marks have been attested to. Rumors of satanic rituals and human sacrifice also add to its dark history. Whatever you believe the Sutro Baths and caves are in themselves quite unique and memorable. (Submitted by Ale Pesa)

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