The Last Woolworth Lunch Counter

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Step inside and you might be tricked into thinking you entered a time machine, taking you back a few decades. A 1960s-style diner inside a four-story antique mall is nostalgic and historic. Woolworth's was a retail company which was the precursor to the department stores we know and love today. The lunch counter at Woolworth's was a way to capitalize on customers' hunger as well as keep them shopping for more. Woolworth's is also known for being part of the backdrop of the Civil Rights' Movement in the 1960s - four black students sat at a segregated counter in Greensboro, NC - a catalyst for other sit-ins that would take place around the country. Woolworth's eventually did desegregate its lunch counters six months later. Today, this counter is the last vestige of the Woolworth's empire. The menu is simple serving all-American fried fare; hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM and Sunday from 12 to 2:30.

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Their milkshakes are amazing 🙌🏻 ig:
5/20/2023 (Closed)