The Whale House

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In 1978, architect Michael Carmichael created a remarkable home that seamlessly blends design, nature, and humor, drawing inspiration from the imaginative creations of architect Antonio Gaudi. The house, resembling a whale and spanning four stories, stands as a testament to Carmichael's unparalleled craftsmanship and artistic genius. The story behind the creation begins with an intriguing narrative: "...and then, the whale swallowed the entire ship!" From there, the house unfolds into a breathtaking showcase of handcrafted artistry, featuring undulating walls made of Venetian plaster, river rock, and massive wood columns and beams. The structure boasts an astonishing 270 Belgian leaded and stained glass windows, adding to its charm and defining its architectural brilliance. And, maybe best of all? You can see it up close by renting on one of the many house rental sites.