Unconditional Surrender Statue

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The iconic photo of an overjoyed sailor romantically kissing a slender nurse was captured in a 25-foot sculpture form. A mere 20-minute walk from the Gaslamp Quarter, this larger-than-life symbol of American victory has a perfect home in the naval town of San Diego.

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Little Boy running for bubbles.
The first Kiss after the soldiers came back from World War II
May 7,2019
True Love ❤️ LG May 7,19❤️
InLove Nite Love❤️LG
Happy birthday mami - early present
Both military, and in the navy. We decided to create a memorial picture that’ll last forever ❤️
Feb 2020 - SRR
The kissing statue!
This thing is HUGE!
San Diego
Haz & Gray Kissing Statue
I found my sailor. ❤️❤️❤️
Unconditional Surrender Statue
Y not?
-from the Midway deck 10/10/23