White Squirrels of Dana Point

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We found the elusive white squirrels of Dana Point! These super rare ground squirrels are a little tricky to find since they only live in a 40 foot section of the rocks at Dana Point Harbor and are surrounded by hundreds of regular old grey ground squirrels. For a chance at seeing them, find the statue of Richard Henry Dana located at the end of Island Way. From the statue, walk about 10 feet towards the harbor. When you reach the rocks, make a left and continue walking for 25-30 feet. The family of white squirrels live in the rocks in this area. If you're patient, you should eventually see one.

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Squirrel buddies 🐿
There’s a new batch of squirrel babies!
I didn’t see any squirrels, but this view was wonderful.
February 2023
February 2023