Downtown Aquarium, Denver

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Downtown Aquarium (once known as Colorado's Ocean Journey) is a public 1,000,000 gallon aquarium and restaurant located in Denver, Colorado. The aquarium exhibits a variety of fish and other animals and is operated by Landry's Restaurants, Inc. A major theme for the aquarium is the relationship between inland freshwater ecosystems and the ocean and its exhibits include endangered fish such as the desert pupfish, gamefish such as bass, and northern river otters, among other species. Other exhibits include Asian arowanas, rainbowfish, and endangered Sumatran tigers. After some renovations in 2005, the sea otter exhibit was removed to make room for the restaurant tank. Interactive exhibits include a horseshoe crab touch tank and a stingray touch-and-feed tank. The aquarium also participates in the AZA's Species Survival Plan for Sumatran tigers.

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