Flamingo Gardens

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This 60-acre non-profit wildlife sanctuary, aviary, and botanical garden is located west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The gardens are open to the public for a fee and feature a number of interesting tours like the Wray Home. Floyd L. and Jane Wray built the home in 1933. There they started a citrus grove and a botanical collection of tropical and subtropical fruit trees and shrubs. Guided tours are provided daily. The grounds also contain more than 3,000 species of tropical and subtropical plants and you can take a narrated tram ride through the site's tropical rainforest and wetland areas and groves. The gardens are home to countless animals including an American black bear, otters, alligators, bobcats, Florida panthers, tortoises, freshwater turtles, geese, swans, sandhill cranes, blue-billed ducks, flamingos, bald eagles, golden eagles, owls, peacocks, macaws, and iguanas. Their aviary houses the world's largest collection of wading birds in the United States including white pelicans, roseate spoonbills, American white ibis, wood storks, brown pelicans, great blue herons, great egrets, snowy egrets, anhingas, double-crested cormorants, tricolored herons, night herons and seagulls.

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Beautiful place!!!
Peacocks free roam on the gardens