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Gatorama's big gator and croc feeding show is a sight to behold! After the show you can handle a juvenile gator at the Crackin' Barn then discover some wildlife encounters of your own in the swamps surrounding Gatorama. Don't forget your binoculars and take in the beauty of Florida's Birds as they hunt from high in the canopy! Gatorama offers a number of hands-on experiences like gator wranglin' in Uncle Waders Catch a Gator Pond. There you'll get to jump in with juvenile gators and learn how to catch them with your bare hands. Then it's time for gator bare wranglin' where you'll actually sit on the back of a 7-8-foot alligator! If that's too much adventure for you how about heading over to the Fishin' Hole and take in nature. The poles and bait are supplied. There's always something going on in Gatorama!

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