Miami Marine Stadium


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The Miami Marine Stadium was built and completed in 1963 on donated land from the City of Miami from the Matheson family. This was the first stadium specifically built for powerboat racing in the United States. The powerboat events held here included Unlimited Hydroplane, Inboard, Outboard, Performance Craft, Stock, Modified, Grand National divisions, and other special event races. This site was also where a number of televised events such as Bill Muncey Invitational and the ESPN All American Challenge Series had originated. In 1992, the stadium became a haven for graffiti artists but still remained an attraction for its spectacular panoramic views of the central business districts and barrier islands of Miami. In 2008, a group was formed to restore the Marine Stadium to its previous state of operation with the aid of performer Gloria Estefan through her charity group who was a main contributor to Friends of Miami Marine Stadium. This revitalization has brought the Miami Boat Show to the Miami Marine Stadium in 2016.



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