Naples Zoo


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Known formerly as Caribbean Gardens, the Naples Zoo opened in September 1969 in what was once the gardens for botanist Dr. Henry Nehrling's collection of plants. After Nehrling's death the gardens were neglected but reopened and animals were added in 1969 and the gardens were reopened as a zoo. The zoo has about 70 species but they're not all on display though at any given time. The zoo's primates are restricted to islands in a manmade lake and can be best viewed from catamarans during the Primate Expedition Cruise. The zoo exhibits include: Alligator Bay, the African Oasis (on the south side of the path opposite Alligator Bay), as well as many African animals including crested porcupines, Dorcas gazelles, greater kudus, miniature zebu, impala, African gray parrots, and leopard tortoises. There's also The Giraffe Preview Exhibit, Leopard Rock, Lion's Lair, Black Bear Hammock, and Tiger Forest which provides a naturalistic bamboo forest habitat for the zoo's Malayan tigers (The Naples Zoo is a participating member of the AZA Species Survival Plan for this species). There's also a Panther Exhibit and other exhibits throughout the zoo for hyenas, Parma wallaby, blackbuck, muntjac, yellow-backed duikers, honey badgers, cheetahs, coyotes, and macaws.