Wolf's Museum of Mystery

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Wolf's Museum of Mystery is a curio museum and it seems like a place you'd find such an item as monkey's paw. This is a museum of bizarre oddities ranging from alien taxidermy to an alien corpse. Wolfgang Von Metz has a lifelong obsession with the rare and curious. As he grew older his interests became increasingly ghoulish and esoteric as he collected taxidermy and serial killer themed items. His house is split into seven themed galleries with such names as "Butch Agony's Slaughter House Kitchen" or "Lizzie Borden's Bloody Boudoir." There is also the "Alien Mortuary," "the Exorcist's Bathroom," and the "Dark Art Room." It's important to note here that almost everything in Von Metz's collection is for sale, except for a few personal items. So, in essence, you can begin your own weird emporium at home!

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