Hala Tree Organic Kona Coffee Farm

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Jean and Danielle Orlowski, after 30 years of corporate living, returned to Hawaii's Big Island but not for a vacation. This time they came to Hawaii to look for a coffee farm. Their love for the land and their passion for Kona coffee had them looking at several farms. They settled on purchasing an ailing, small, 6-acre coffee plantation in Captain Cook 20 miles south of Kona. It took them a while, but eventually with the aid of local farmers, they nurtured the land and trees around them, bringing the farm back to life. In 2015 they purchased an additional 15 acres of land and their organically grown coffee has been proven to compete with all the best coffees from around the world! These days The Hala Tree has over 50 acres of coffee plantations that work actively with smaller farmers in the Kona region to aid them in attaining organic certification. The Hala Tree desires to make great coffee and give back to the community of coffee farmers who welcomed and helped them when the Hala Tree began their journey. The Kona Coffee Farm tours explain all this as well as the coffee process from beginning to end. Their friendly staff harbor a wealth of knowledge who are happy to answer any questions. The farm itself is beautiful. You'll see different sights such as coffee blooms, green coffee cherries, or red coffee cherries, depending upon which season you book a tour. At the tour's end, you can relax in the visitors center and have a cup of coffee or make a stop at the gift shop and buy some coffee for yourself to take home (their Red Bourbon coffee is fantastic)!