Hilina Pali Overlook

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Hilina Pali Road, a narrow one-lane road built by the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1933 to 1942, leads to the Hilina Pali Overlook, 9 miles off of Chain of Craters Road. The overlook is approximately 2,282 feet in elevation and over 12 miles long. The last lava flow from this volcano was about 650 years ago. The drive down Hilina Pali Road is also quite interesting. You can see the Hawaiian ōhi'a trees and an abundance of underbrush. Further down on the left is the Koa'e Fault, lying between the east and southwest rift zones of Kīlauea Volcano. A rock slippage created the fault extension of the ground. The ground separates about 0.5 inches per year.