Keanalele Waterhole

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The Keanalele Waterhole is also known as one of the several "Queen's Baths" on the Hawaiian Islands. And why are these freshwater open-air lava tubes referred to as the Queen's Baths? If you guessed that this fresh water hole is a place where the Queen would bathe, then you would have guessed correctly. The Keanalele Waterhole is located close to Kiholo Bay/Kiholo State Park Reserve. Let it be known that the Princess Baths (every one of them spread across Hawaii) are considered to be very sacred sites that should be treated with respect. Many people believe swimming should not be allowed in these hallowed pools, while others think it's okay as long as no chemicals such as sunscreen are worn to avoid damaging the delicate ecosystem in the pool. The water's temperature averages a chilly 70 degrees, but some enjoy taking a dip in the cool water. Note that there are no lifeguards present, so it's swimming at your own risk. And these lava tubes aren't places you should be considering swimming alone because you will be swimming mainly in a dark water-filled cave! Consider bringing a waterproof flashlight with you if you go in because it becomes very dark very fast in the tube and you may lose your bearings. Directions to the Keanalele Waterhole: after turning off highway 19 (Queen Ka'ahumanu Highway) and traveling toward the ocean, follow the road until you meet a right turn. Then follow the dirt road and stay right at the fork until you reach the parking area for Kiholo Bay/Kiholo State Park Reserve. Park and walk down towards the ocean and follow the path that heads to your left.