Kona Rainforest Organic Coffee Farm

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One of the best coffee farms on the earth is in one of the most delicate growing areas on the planet. Kona Rainforest Farms began in 1999, meaning it's a relatively new coffee grower compared to other farms in Hawaii that saw their first coffee trees nearly 200 years ago! But right from their first harvest, Kona Rainforest produced a far superior coffee bean because of perfect combinations of sunshine, rain, volcanic soil, and temperature. When new owners acquired the farm in 2006, the coffee bean bar was raised even higher. They now organically grow, harvest, mill, and roast their coffee beans which, in turn, creates a new high-quality coffee that exceeds all others. The farm also features an educational tour of the plantation and offers a private escape to relax in their guesthouse, where you can book a stay. The Guesthouse on the Kona coffee farm features two bedrooms and one bathroom in a brightly lit and airy home shielded between the coffee trees in the rainforest.