Pohoiki Black Sand Beach

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Pohoiki Beach is also known as Isaac Hale Beach Park and it's a new black sand beach resulting from the volcanic activity of Kilauea in 2018. The beach is visually stunning, but the surf is pretty rough, so heed the lifeguard's warnings if you want to swim. Surfing and swimming at this beach should be undertaken only by the experienced. The waves are impressive and they provide you with a refreshing sea mist. The black sand crept into the old boat harbor and created a pond, but since there is no water circulation, bacteria may be present in the warm water. Parking is available at this location, but the restrooms are portable bathrooms. It's also advisable to bring your drinking water. Driving conditions can change when roads are near an active volcano system. The drive from Hilo or Kona to the relatively quiet Black Sand beach has changed. Use highway 130 instead of highway 132. Drive towards the coast and, once you reach the end, turn left onto highway 237.