The Vanillerie

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The Vanillerie is a little vanilla farm on Hawaii's Big Island's west side, initially a plumeria farm until it was purchased in 1999 by its current owner. Only five minutes from the Kona airport, this six-acre farm was developed as a tree seedling nursery and has now become one of Kona's most popular agri-tourism destinations. This vanilla farm has a gift shop that sells food, body, and clothing products. Visitors can learn about this fascinating edible orchid that flowers only once a day in a year - during which time it must be hand-pollinated. Up to 50 visitors can be hosted per day and they will have the opportunity to experience the delight of tropically grown vanilla. The tour isn't highly physical, but it can get pretty hot so stay hydrated. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and happy to answer all of your questions as you move through the different greenhouses and orchards. The Vanillerie is a fascinating tour and the ice cream at the end is an excellent bonus!