Old Koloa Sugar Mill

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Sugarcane was grown and cultivated in Hawaii for hundreds of years and because of the soil's fertility and the temperate climate, Hawaii has been an ideal place to grow this crop. One of Hawaii's first prosperous sugarcane plantations was the Old Sugar Mill of Kōloa. It was founded in 1835 on Kauai by Ladd & Company and this was the beginning of what was to become the state's first largest commercially successful sugarcane plantation. On December 29, 1962, the building was designated as a National Historic Landmark and it is now open to the public daily. Visitors can see the remains of the old sugar mill and a sculpture of those who worked in the sugar industry in Kōloa. The annual, 9-day Kōloa Plantation Days Celebration is hosted by the towns of Koloa and Poipu and celebrates the ethnic groups that worked on the plantation and the island's Native Hawaiian population. The Old Sugar Mill of Kōloa is Located on the island of Kauai in Kōloa at the Maluhia Rd. junction (Highway 520) and K'loa Rd. This historic town is part of the Ka Ala Hele Waiwai Hooilina o Koloa, a cultural and historical 10-mile self-guided tour of the area.