Old Koloa Town

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Kōloa Town is the home of Hawaii's first successful sugar mill. The sugar mill and other historic buildings and sites are part of a 10-mile trail (or Ka Ala Hele Waiwai Ho'oilina o Koloa) and over a dozen monuments and sites that mark the beginnings of the sugar-plantation era in Hawaii. Kōloa celebrates this heritage in a week-long Kōloa Plantation Days Festival each July. Every building in Old Kōloa keeps the spirit of the past alive because each building tells a story about the history of the businesses and families who lived there while this plantation town was bustling. Now Old Koloa Town is a quaint little town right out of the movies. What a nice place to spend a day. Many small shops, restaurants and grocery stores, souvenir shops, and food trucks occupy your time.

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