Princeville Neptune Fountain

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In 1989 an Australian business tycoon Christopher Skase purchased 7,000 acres of land in Princeville and commissioned a fountain similar to the "Fountain of Love" at Cliveden House in the United Kingdom. The fountain was created by 12 artisans in Italy who fashioned it from a 900-ton piece of marble. In one year, the 200-ton fountain was shipped to Kauai in 11 containers and it took four months to install in its current location. At the time, the fountain's total estimated cost was $1 million. The Princeville Fountain which was once a beloved landmark perched at Princeville's entrance has now become run down and mosquito-infested. But restorations have begun, and the day will undoubtedly come when the Princeville Neptune fountain is restored back to its original splendor.

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