Waikomo Shave Ice

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Check-ins: 7
If you're looking for a great all-natural dessert, try Waikomo Shave Ice as a healthy option. This shave ice is not simply ice, sugar, and coloring. Waikomo Shave Ice is soft and silky with the perfect consistency with all-natural fruit syrups added. Natural cane sugar replaces the high fructose syrups that are used in other ices. The ice is then topped off with fresh fruit and a specially made coconut cream sauce. If you crave ice cream, a scoop of vanilla or macadamia nut may be added to the bottom of your shave ice as an add-on. The regular comes in a compostable cup (like their spoons and straws) or you can opt for the Waikomo Shave Ice coconut cup with coconut meat waiting at the bottom. You can only get this treat at Waikomo Shave Ice where the shaved ice taste is off the charts! Try their loco cocoa with natural coconut cream and honey or the coco pine and the sweet and sour raspberry kalamansi. Yes, Waikomo Shave Ice is the Michelin star of shave ice stands.