Warehouse 3540

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If you enjoy shopping check out Warehouse 3540. What was once an old glass factory in Lawai is now Warehouse 3540, a creative local gathering place with an eclectic collection for your perusal. There you will find a mix of food, clothing, artwork, jewelry, handcrafted items, and much more. Warehouse 3540 is a favorite market to locals and tourists alike. Food trucks in the area include local comfort food from Roots in Culture, specialty nachos made by Chipwrecked, and awesome burgers from Kickshaws. Throw in some delicious shave ice from The Fresh Shave and your day is made! Inside is an exciting combination of boutiques and specialty shops offering an extensive range of Kenyan goods, oceanic artwork, headbands, boho wraps, and more. Yes, Warehouse 3540 is more than a market. Just check their particular event schedule that includes Keiki Story Time, live music, and a Friday market with more local vendors. Lots to explore here, folks!