Ahihi-Kinau Natural Preserve

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Although most of Ahihi-Kinau Natural Preserve is currently closed to the public, there are three areas that are still accessible and certainly worth the trip out to see: Waialal Cove, Kanahena Bay, and Moanakala. The Cove and Bay are prime snorkeling spots and Moanakala (funnily referred to as “dumps” because the area is a former dump site) is popular among surfers. What makes Ahihi-Kinau special is its young reef system (the youngest in Maui) as well as its 600-year old eruption site (the Kalua O Lapa)—the only protected “source-to-sea” lava flow in the Hawaiian islands. The reserve is home to many endangered plant and animal species and, for this reason, visitation rules and regulations are strictly enforced.

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