Halfway to Hana

Saves: 16
Check-ins: 11
Just a bit past mile marker 17 in Keanae, you'll find a top-rated pit stop with a small concession stand serving several decent tasty treats like banana bread and shaved ice. Just look for the "Halfway to Hana" sign on your right and stop for some refreshments (because Hana is still a good 1-2 hours away)! What started as a simple roadside lean-to selling snacks and refreshments has grown into a North Shore favorite. Their banana bread is flavor-filled and unforgettable and the shaved ice comes in 13 tropical flavors. They also have coconut candy, beef jerky, sandwiches, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, fresh fruit (pineapple, bananas, coconuts, passion fruit, and more), cameras and batteries, and more.