Little Beach at Makena

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In the early ‘70s, Little Beach at Makena State Park was famous (or should we say infamous?) for housing a large hippie settlement where most lived a life free from societal rules…and clothes. Although the settlement is gone, the hippie spirit of peace and love still reigns at this clothing-optional “Little Beach” (a.k.a. "Puʻu Olai Beach) which is separated from its neighboring “Big Beach” (Oneloa Beach or Makena Beach) by a large lava rock outcropping. In order to get to Little Beach, you’ll have to hike over this steep natural divider, so good shoes are a must. For the full-on flower-power experience, visit Little Beach on a Sunday afternoon/evening, when the beach hosts a wild session of drumming and fire dancing. Needless to say, most wouldn’t consider this an all-ages event, so exercise your best judgment!