Surfing Goat Dairy

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Located on the beautiful slopes of Maui's Haleakala Crater in lower Kula, the Surfing Goat Dairy Farm has been producing award-winning Maui gourmet goat cheeses for over 15 years. You'll learn about the goats and the gourmet cheeses made there. They offer various tours and pricing from a "Daily Casual Tour" to an "Evening Chore & Milking Tour." The Daily Casual Tour is a quick tour lasting about 30 minutes that will have you meeting and feeding the goats, giving you an overview of farm life. You'll meet the working dairy goats as well as dogs and cats. You'll also get a quickie tour of the cheese-making process and the modern milking machines. The time ends with a sampling of the cheeses. The Evening Chore & Milking Tour lasts about an hour and they'll put you to work to earn your cheese by helping with the goat dairy chores and learning about the different goat feed, the dairy's history, and the making of the Maui gourmet cheeses. You'll see the goats as they are machine milked, then you'll go hands-on and milk them yourself! Your tour will end with a cheese sampling.