Waioka Pond


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Also called the Venus Pool, the Waioka Pond is a swimming hole located a few miles from the town of Hana that offers the opportunity to cliff jump off of the various 45-foot-high rock ledges and its distance from the touristy places in Maui aids in keeping the crowds down. You'll definitely see locals visiting the hole for a dip in its circulating waters as well as cliff jumpers. The Waioka Pond harbor has some jagged rocks and slick boulders, so wear slip-resistant shoes and avoid the area entirely during wet weather. The trail leading to the pool is invisible to the untrained eye, so look for tall brush alongside a bridge just south of mile marker 48. The parking is relatively sparse along the east side of the road along the shoulder and don't parking on the west side which is the private property of the locals. No amenities of any kind are available at the pools.



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