Chinaman's Hat

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According to an ancient myth, Hi’iaka, patron goddess of Hawaii and hula dancers, chopped the tail off a dragon and cast it into the ocean. The tail grew to become the small islet MokoliʻI (“little lizard”) in Kāne'ohe Bay. Centuries later, Hawaiians thought the island looked more like a conical Asian hat, so the small island became known as Chinaman’s Hat—and the name stuck. Today, it’s a popular destination for wildlife watching as it’s a protected seabird nesting ground. It’s also known for its hiking, as the views of the bay from the summit are no less than breathtaking. To cross the 450 meters of water to get there, most people take a small boat/kayak. Some choose to swim, but due to a number of drownings that have occurred there in the past, we urge you take a flotation device to keep you above water should the currents get rough.

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