Thomas A. Jaggar Museum

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Volcanology enthusiasts, have we got a destination for you! Learn everything there is to know about the study of volcanoes at the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum. There, you’ll see instruments both past and present (including working seismographs), used by scientists to predict and study volcanic activity. The museum also features an overlook providing a stunning view of Halema'uma'u Crater—a fuming vent 3000 feet wide and nearly 300 feet deep. Legend has it that this crater is home to Pele, the ancient goddess of Hawaiian volcanoes. We’re not sure if you’ll get a glimpse of the goddess, but you’ll probably see plenty of graceful white-tailed “crater birds” or Koa'e, a species that builds their nests inside crater walls.

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The Jaggar Museum is no longer a spot to visit since the 2018 eruption destroyed it.