Big Idaho Potato Hotel

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Check-ins: 4
An Airbnb property pays homage to the root vegetable that Idaho is famous for. The giant tuber sits in its own garden patch and has a surprisingly modern and bright interior. Guests have their own bathroom, although they'll have to walk a few feet outside to the silo-shaped structure. The potato didn't start out as a hotel, but rather was a sculpture made for an Idaho Potato Commission celebration. Instead of discarding this steel, plaster, and concrete behemoth, Kristie Wolfe gutted the interior and turned it into a potato heaven of sorts. It has all the creature comforts that any glamper would need. Although the potato itself is an attraction, it is near to others such as the Mountain Home Historical Museum, The Peregrine Fund's World Center for Birds of Prey, and Table Rock. For current prices and dates refer to the Airbnb listing.

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