Ashmore Estates

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Ashmore Estates, located in Ashmore Township, Illinois has a rich history dating back to the mid-19th century. Initially serving as the Coles County Poor Farm, the property witnessed the construction of a new building in 1916, which later became a private psychiatric hospital and then a facility for patients from state mental institutions. However, financial challenges led to its closure in 1986. The property changed hands multiple times, experiencing periods of neglect and vandalism. In 2006, Scott Kelley purchased the estate and renovated it, turning it into a haunted house attraction. Despite suffering damage from a storm in 2013, subsequent owners took over and initiated restoration plans. Under the current ownership of Robbin and Norma Terry, Ashmore Estates has undergone significant improvements, attracting visitors who now eagerly book tours and revisit the property. (Submitted by Amber Justice)