Audubon Butterfly Garden

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UPDATE: The Audubon Butterfly and Insectarium is Permanently Closed This insectarium and entomology museum in New Orleans features more than 50 live exhibits and many multimedia elements. This 23,000-square-foot facility is the largest free American museum dedicated to insects. The Butterfly Garden and Insectarium opened on June 13, 2008 was was awarded the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Science Center in 2009. It's underground gallery contains giant animatronic insects, a Louisiana Swamp Gallery where wetlands are depicted with special effects and animals, a Termite Gallery, a Butterfly Garden, a Metamorphosis Gallery where an insect's entire life cycle is depicted, and a Hall of Fame Gallery and Awards Night. One last thing, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy Bug Appétit, where guests can watch chefs Incorporate bugs into their dishes (and you can sample them!) - yum!?

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Sad to say but it’s been closed from that location