Eastern States Exposition

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"The Big E" in West Springfield, MA is an annual event, officially known as the Eastern States Exposition, held since 1916. This multi-state fair, taking place in September and October, is one of the largest agricultural fairs in the United States. It features diverse attractions such as agricultural exhibits showcasing livestock, entertaining musical performances, a wide array of delicious regional foods, thrilling midway rides and games, craft exhibitions, and state buildings highlighting the unique offerings of New England states. The fair's impact extends beyond entertainment, significantly benefiting the local economy by boosting businesses, hotels, and restaurants. "The Big E" serves as a vibrant celebration of agriculture, entertainment, and regional culture, drawing visitors from across the country to enjoy a rich and diverse experience in West Springfield. (Submitted by Shirley Beauchemin Thurston)

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The Brooks Building- official offices
The Vermont building
Maine and Massachusetts buildings
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