World's Largest Hockey Stick

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Eveleth's first largest hockey stick was 107 feet long and was unveiled in 1995 but, unfortunately, they learned British Columbia had a hockey stick that was 205 feet long (which really wasn't a real stick but a wooden sculpture bolted to a building)! Then, in 2001, their 107-foot long hockey stick began to crack and had to be taken down! A sad day for "Hockeytown USA." But the town didn't let up in their stick - instead, in 2002, they transformed a vacant lot into their new "Hockey Plaza!" A brand new hockey stick was unveiled and it's 3 feet longer, 3,000 pounds heavier, and 110 feet tall! This "Big Stick" has a friend this time in the form of the world's largest hockey puck weighing in at 700 pounds! (Photo by Craig Dameron)