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The story of Gypsy Rose and her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, is a tragic tale of deception and abuse. Dee Dee presented Gypsy as severely ill, fabricating numerous medical conditions and subjecting her to unnecessary medical treatments and surgeries. Gypsy, who was not actually sick, eventually rebelled against her mother's control and orchestrated Dee Dee's murder with the help of a man she met online. The case shed light on the rare but severe mental health disorder, Munchausen syndrome by proxy, where a caregiver exaggerates or induces illness in a person under their care for attention and sympathy. Gypsy Rose pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, while her accomplice received a life sentence. The case gained widespread media attention and has been explored in documentaries and fictionalized portrayals. (Submitted by LightBulb Sunset)