Joslyn Castle

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The George and Sarah Joslyn Home was named "Lynhurst" but is known locally as Joslyn Castle. This mansion is located at 3902 Davenport Street in Omaha. It was built in 1903 in the Scottish Baronial style and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. In 1979 it was designated as an Omaha landmark. Joslyn Castle was designed by a local architect named John McDonald. This is a 4-story, 35-room mansion with a carriage house tower and 5 acres of formal gardens which include greenhouses. The home was built in 11 months and cost $250,000. Also within the castle is a reception hall, music room, ballroom, a library, and a drawing room with a music room, and, in the past, a bowling alley in the basement. The wrought iron door on the Castle weighs well over a ton!

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