Clown Motel

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Check-ins: 17
If you're a clown lover, here's a place for you to stay! Clowns are everywhere: on the doors, on the walls, clown dolls on shelves, and in the lobby. Over 600 of them have been reported. The rooms aren't much but the place sure is quiet, probably due to its location (the hotel stands next to Tonopah's now closed cemetery). One thing is certain and that is - if you hate and fear clowns - run!

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A place that really makes you think “how the hell does this place exist?”. The small, unincorporated town of Tonopah, Nevada is home to the “world famous” Clown Motel. If a dilapidated clown themed motel in the middle of nowhere wasn’t off putting enough, just wait, there’s more! Butted up against the Clown Motel is a super creepy, 120 year old cemetery that serves as the final resting place to pioneers and prospectors who died in mine fires and horrible industrial accidents. Many graves are unmarked and rather than stone, the grave markers are wooden posts with the dedications crudely stamped in sheet metal. Naturally I had a few beers in the graveyard until late in the evening, musing about life and death before returning to the warm glow of my nightmare of a room. Im happy to report I didn’t experience anything supernatural nor did I run into Captain Spaulding, maybe you’ll be so lucky as well. Off to the next town.
Tonopah Nevada 🤡
Loving the glow up this place got!
The exorcist room door.
Regan painting in the exorcist room.