Omega Mart

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The #1 supermarket in the "worlds" is something straight out of the fifth dimension of the "Twilight Zone." It looks very normal at first glance, but a closer investigation will reveal some disturbing oddities - a stack of zucchinis that allow you to view another universe, canned rabbit shards and mammoth meat, a deli section with tattooed fresh whole chicken, a cold section selling robot milk...the endless wonders here require at least a couple of hours to look at. You'll want to read every bottle, every label, find every portal (hint, look in the refrigerated section). This giant art installation is part of the Meow arts and entertainment group based out of Santa Fe. Tickets cost about $45 per adult, but is well worth the cost. (Submitted by Nimra Mehmood)

Member Photos

One of many rooms in Omega Mart
A hallways of lights inside Omega Mart
Claudia Bueno’s “Pulse”, an immersive light and sound installation at Omega Mart